HotspotRx is the prescribed solution for using Wi-Fi hotspots as a marketing medium.

Build your own free Wi-Fi advertising network or leverage ours. HotspotRx enables you to utilize the benefit of captive audiences to target brand marketing, obtain direct consumer feedback, and capture targeted customer contacts.

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General Features

  • Custom micro-site support
  • Maintain advertising program from the cloud
  • Unlimited users and locations
  • BYOB – bring your own bandwidth
  • Advanced custom event tracking
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Wired LAN and cellular support
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What's a Hotspot Rx?

We have developed an application-as-a-service hotspot management system that uses a range of physical hardware devices to deploy Wi-Fi hotspots across your locations. Each hotspots serves a custom captive portal to deliver targeted brand marketing to users that you control. User activity in the portal is tracked and direct user feedback is captured for use by your clients.

Microsite Cloud Management Features

Extend your advertising campaign with the HotspotRx microsite system managed in the cloud.

Customized Microsites

Fully custom microsites design support

Take complete control of the customer brand experience with support for fully custom microsite designs. Don't have a custom design, simply start with one of our templates and customize to your liking. When you’re ready simply upload your creation for instant publication.

Schedule publications

Schedule publications to selected locations

Get the most out of your advertising campaign with targeted deployments of each microsite to selected Wi-Fi hotspot or groups of locations. Select one microsite package to use as default across your entire network, while others are scheduled to run as specific times, or on specific locations.

Use the power of analytics to understand your customers

You can request users provide email, phone numbers, or answer custom forms before being released to the internet. All data can be emailed, saved to a repository, or integrated directly with your existing CRM systems. Then record custom events for tracking in our analytics engine and share those events through Google Analytics.

Increase advertising reveune

Increase your advertising ROI, or build a new marketing business

Use targeted advertising, captive audiences, and technology to increase the value of your advertising spend. You can purchase advertising space targeting existing participating HotspotRx locations, or build up your own network to see advertising space.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Do you have a unique need to communicate with users as a captive audience? Are you working in a location that has no internet connectivity? Do you have an idea to leverage a captive portal outside the norm? Think outside the box.

We love niche solutions, and would love to help. Contact us with your ideas and let’s talk.

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